KAARMIC, Hyderabad, and India

A Trainer’s Testimonial

The stereotype I had about India was erased the second I landed. India isn’t at all the image depicted in the famous Slumdog Millionaire film, it has beautiful buildings and flyovers which show off the level of architecture Hyderabad is playing at, with buildings shaped like fish (that fascinated me a lot) and flyovers indented with beautiful art work, the huge movie theaters and Necklace Road – oh Necklace Road: the Buddha statue standing tall its shadow gleaming in the water mass that surrounds it; to the left clean pavement and deep green grass with classy park benches dotted with golden statutes every half mile. It’s picture perfect.

Only in India is the sun so large and such a deep crimson. I miss the Indian sunsets – they were a show and I shared my best moments up on our roof. Only in India is the night sky filled with flashy dramatic fireworks every other night and the streets filled with the loud pipes and booming drums celebrating yet another wedding. Only in India is the curry so rich and thick,the naan and paratha so buttery and tender and the dhaal and faluda so sweet! Jai Ho!

My work experience:

I first started off at Aruno Daya Children’s Home in Balaji Nagar and then went to Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare School for the KAARMIC camp as a trainer. My experience in both was unforgettable.

At the KAARMIC camp, the pressure was definitely on from the get go. The students had eager faces and the level of excitement during the opening day was palpable, KAARMIC had a fairly huge detailed syllabus with substantial working hours. The Principal was glad to have and host us and the Governor welcoming.

It dawned on most (if not all) of us that  the expectations were, without a shred of doubt, HIGH.

Teaching isn’t easy. It’s a journey you go through with the students – it has its ups and downs, consequently leading to the formation of  a handful of virtues such as selflessness,patience,resilience,adaptability and flexibility.

I formed deep bonds with the students, fellow trainers, the KAARMIC family and AIESEC India making my departure a difficult and heartfelt one.

I feel as though I delivered and left an impact in India which was my plan, KAARMIC gave me the platform to do so and I am indebted to them.

God bless the work of KAARMIC Educational Services, the beautiful Hyderabad and the unforgettable India. I will be back.

-Vanessa Gathoni, (Kenya)