Education is stressed upon as the best weapon in the fight against poverty. Various welfare schemes have been set up to enable students from lower income backgrounds to gain better access to quality education. But the achievement gap persists. Students, especially from lower income backgrounds, lose their retention of the knowledge gained in the academic year due to summer slide.

KAARMIC Education Services’ interventions aim to bridge this gap and enable everyone access their right not only to education, but holistic development through the teaching of conversational english skills, extracurriculars, and sanitation and mental health care.

This is where YOU come in, as camp trainers, to help enable a positive learning experience tailor made for students yielding from low income backgrounds. The trainers come from diverse backgrounds and selected through a vigorous process and trained via workshops to deal with the demands of the camp.

The camp is hard work, certainly, but extremely rewarding, and our trainers always walk out with enriching experiences and great stories to tell. The trainers are expected to engage with the students and deliver carefully curated course material them and watching movies with them at night.

Here’s what some of our trainers have said about the experience at the camps:

“A 20 year old is fresh into adulthood with many ideas and thoughts about life. An experience such as this, teaches them to be more patient, more understanding, more in control with their emotions and to care for so many children who look up to up. It teaches us to be responsible.”

-G. Navya

“Ever wanted to burst your bubble ? No better place to do it than here with amazing people around you. I was just a normal person when I started, but emerged as a free spirited human. This is everything you ever wanted, and it’s all at one place. From meeting new people to making new memories to making a difference. It’s all here.”

-Namrata Prakash

“Experience was a full circle. Starting from the inductions sessions, which provided context on the camp, then moving to interactions with other camp trainers which gave me insight on the individuals I would be working with. The next part of the circle was flying to Hyderabad to be able to physically be present at the camp, receive a smaller training there and then move to the camp site. Attending the camp and interacting with the campers was extremely enriching. Listening to stories from other trainers and campers was nothing but beautiful! The circle ends with this feedback form which has been perfectly designed I must add, touching up on every aspect of the camp which needs betterment. Thank you Kaarmic :)”

-Sidharth Santosh

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our camps and working with you. For more details, check out our website and visit our social media handles on Facebook and Instagram.